The Clock Is Ticking: Anti Aging When To Start

The Clock Is Ticking: Anti Aging When To Start

As the wise Benjamin Franklin once said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This clever advice goes for anti aging care as well. How young is too young? And is it ever too late to turn back? We’ve got your anti aging when to start questions covered with the power of kicking the three S’s: smoking, sun and stress.


Smoking destroys you from the inside out. If your interested in when to start anti aging this is a biggie. Collagen the wonderful little fiber that gives your skin its tight youthfulness is bombarded and unable to regenerate properly if the chemicals from cigarettes are interfering in this wonderful process. Smoking inhibits much needed oxygen and therefore nourishment from reaching your delicate skin. Smoking causes deeper wrinkles and sagging skin, especially around the eyes. Who knew so much evil could be packed into one little package? The good news is that with smoking it’s never too early or to late to kick the habit. The sooner the better.

Sun Protection:

Since ancient times the sun has been worshipped for the never ending goodness it imparts on the earth and the necessities of life. But one thing that doesn’t appreciate the sun: your skin. It is never too early to start arming yourself against the harm it causes to your skin. Whatever age you may be sun protection is essential in the anti aging when to start battle against premature aging. Before you leave the house in the morning be sure to moisturize and add a few drops of sun screen while your at it. Doing so will work wonders in protecting your skin at any age.


Don’t worry, be happy! Worrying switches your body into fight or flight mode. When these harmful stress chemicals are released they create biological changes and premature aging. This is our last S in the anti aging when to start guide and it is often overlooked. Some days we might be too busy stressing that we forget to relax. We hope the knowledge of these deep resounding effects from stress will help you kick back your worrying a notch and give you the incentive to stop and smell the flowers.

The Bottom line:

It is never too late or too early to start. We all can make tiny changes in our day to day lives that our skin will thank us for. The time to start is now.

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