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Help us Extend Last Call in Toronto

February 4, 2014 - Posted in Uncategorized Posted by:


We are a grassroots movement who think the last call for alcohol in Toronto should be extended to 4:00AM.  As this is an election year, we believe this is the best time to encourage our elected officials to listen to our voice and enact change in the city.

Toronto is Canada’s largest city, and recently surpassed Chicago to become the 4th largest in North America. We boast many great features that make our city a top global destination for immigration and tourism, including a diverse, multicultural population, low crime rate, and increasingly, tremendous nightlife, with world-class restaurants, concert halls, nightclubs and bars.

We are however hampered on this last point by our 2:00AM last call for alcohol, which regularly acts as a premature cap on our nights out. We can see how the city comes alive at night on those few weekends where this rule is loosened, such as during TIFF or Nuit Blanche, where bars can apply for a 4AM extended last call license.

We think this 4AM last call should be the norm, as it is in cities like New York and Chicago.

Let’s work to enhance our city’s nightlife by urging the Mayor and all Councillors to extend the last call for restaurants, bars, and clubs to 4AM.

Sign our petition, donate to our cause and remember to vote on election day for the candidate that best represents your interests.