To be a world class city, Toronto needs world class nightlife.

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Toronto is Canada's largest city, and recently pulled ahead of Chicago to become the 4th largest in North America. Our city should be a top global destination for immigration and tourism – we have a diverse, multicultural population, a low crime rate and world-class restaurants, concert halls, nightclubs and bars.

But our nightlife could be better. Our 2:00 a.m. last call for alcohol cuts our nights short. During events like the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and Nuit Blanche, when bars can apply for a 4 a.m. extended last call license, the city comes alive even more.

Just like New York and Chicago, we want a 4 a.m. last call every day of the year.

And we're not the only ones!

We've already received thousands of signature on our petition to do so, and have at least one of the major mayoral candidates on board with the others mostly still on the fence.

Now, we're launching a t-shirt sale that we’d like you to help us out with. For $25 (+ shipping), you can help promote the campaign for a 4:00AM last call in Toronto by buying this t-shirt:

We hope you will. In fact, we hope you’ll buy two or three and give some to your friends!

All proceeds from this sale will be spent on marketing and lobbying activities meant to ensure that this becomes an election issue.

Tell the mayor and your city councillor to extend the last call for restaurants, bars and clubs to 4 a.m. Let's light up our nightlife!

Why support an extended last call?

How to help


Sign our petition which will be forwarded to all candidates running for councillor or mayor, informing them that this is an election issue which can influence how you vote.



Donate and help us advance the "Extend Last Call" campaign. All donations proceeds will go towards making sure that extending last call becomes an election issue in 2014


Most importantly, on election day, October 27, 2014, make sure that you get out and vote for candidates who support a 4:00AM last call in Toronto.

  • "Adults should have the freedom to get a drink at the time of their choosing, and the decision about how late an establishment stays open should be up to its owners."

    Jesse Kline ‐ National Post Columnist

  • "This sounds like a fantastic idea. #montreal has extended hours why shouldn't we? #toronto #torontonightlife"

    @christinewolfl ‐ Fellow Torontonian

  • "If it’s done in a way that is in the existing establishment and under the eye of regulation, it is much better than it being done in after-hour facilities that are under-regulated and unsafe."

    David Soknacki ‐ Mayoral Candidate

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